DEdicated team

Create or extend your team with an all-inclusive rate. No hassle, no hidden fees, only results.

  • Dedicated team model

    Local access to a strong and flexible team can be hard to get at times, especially when it comes to the implementation of a complex project and long-term commitment. Outstaffing services of OTAKOYI in Ukraine are surely one of the most advantageous choices you can get along the way when controlling every aspect of your development process and managing your team, the one you choose yourself.

    Since we know how important to our clients dedicated team approach is, it’s our everyday duty to deliver on high promises.

  • 1 Stage
    Team set-up We make sure the most suitable candidates are chosen to pass interviews to join your team.
  • 2 Stage
    Onboarding We help set up all the necessary work processes to make a project’s kick-off as smooth as possible.
  • 3 Stage
    Ongoing work We take care of your team motivation and your satisfaction. We are always in touch when you need us!
7 reasons why you should extend your team with OTAKOYI
High quality work, high control, and long-term commitment
  • 1 Cost-effective cooperation
  • 2 Ability to upscale your team fast
  • 3 Reduced expenses and control over operating cost
  • 4 Flexible engagement and interaction with team members
  • 5 Absolute control of your product development process
  • 6 Improved company focus
  • 7 Ultimately, reliable and long-term partnership
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