MVP development

It is the best way to validate your idea and reach your goals with less risks.

  • What is MVP and why it is important for your business idea?

    Minimum viable product development for websites and mobile applications is nowadays common practice in the information technology sector and the very type of development is extremely important in the planning phase of any business project or startup. If you have some uncertainties regarding the potential of your product and want to first test your market and see the response from your customers, then an MVP solution is the best tool to use before investing in the full product development.

  • Discovery phase

    It’s an idea validation process to dig deeper into the details and collect the information on your end-customer needs, market response, and your eventual business success. You might want to understand if the functionality of those services you want to offer may cover main demands of your customers. All these questions and much more are normally discussed in the discovery phase.

  • Duration:
    2 weeks +
  • Engagement:
    A number of sessions depends on project complexity
  • Where:
    Onsite with a client or at our office
  • User personas
  • User stories
  • Market research
  • Technical solutions
  • Features validation
  • MVP

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