Windows Installation on Laptop with SSD Is Too Long

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Once ​I decided to upgrade a working laptop (HP ProBook 4540s Intel i5 / 6gb / 750 Gb / Radeon 2gb). I bought a RAM card Kingston 8Gb and Intel SSD (120GB).

I removed a 2 GB RAM card and an 8Gb one in its place. Then I unscrewed the HDD and put the SSD instead. The DVD-RW was replaced with HDD that was put into the SSD adapter for a laptop in the DVD case. Just Windows left to be installed, but it's a child's play.

The disc selection screen was loading extremely slowly so after 20 min nothing left but to switch off the laptop and to start searching for the solution on the Internet.

Solution 1
Switch BIOS to AHCI mode and reload the computer.

Didn't help

Solution 2
One a forum I read that RAM may slow down the installation. Ten minutes and the OS is installed. Who knows why it is so. The RAM is from the same manufacturer and of the same frequency. However, the laptop originally comes with two RAM card - 2Gb and 4Gb and now there are 4Gb and 8Gb cards. Is it a dual channel? It remains a mystery.

Hope this article will be helpful. 

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