Website Design

Quality design is a key factor for developing e-commerce

Your website is the first thing how many people begin to familiarize themselves with your company. This is a chance to “hook” a customer which cannot be lost, because there can be no more others. Standard templates are irrelevant for a long time. To make it memorable, you need a unique design developed specifically for the needs of your company, taking into account its philosophy and nature.

We are well aware that we have to expand your business opportunities with our creative solutions. So, the future website should not only have an appealing look so you were pleased with it, but perform tasks laid upon it – it’s a matter of great importance for us. Therefore, we are ready to work thoroughly to achieve quality results.

Website Design for a startup «Wishround»



Landing page Design for «Fish Trading House»



Website Design for venture fund  «BeValue»


We interact with every customer from the initial sketching phase
Let’s fill the brief, shall we?

3 reasons to choose us for Website Design

We keep the balance

We are obsessed with unique designs and do not offer trivial solutions and that is why many companies choose us. We put our hearts into each project trying to find the best realization for your ideas.

But at the same time we are stubborn followers of user-centered design (UCD). So, pursuing an original idea, we never lose our common sense and adhere to the requirements of usability, i.e. ease-of-use websites.

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We are shamelessly creative

We do not feel any inconvenience when working with all the different styles. We are well versed in modern tendencies and trends in the area of web design. We can say without hesitation which solutions are universal and timeless, and which ideas are going out of date soon.

We suffer from chronic perfectionism

We know there are no small items that are not important – every element, even the smallest one, plays its role and has its purpose. Therefore, we carefully draw all the website details according to overall creative concept. We know how to highlight key points and to manage user’s attention.

Website Design for «XServer»



Website design and development for «BioAktiv»



Design for a webservice «Trainmedo»


We create stylish and user-friendly website designs
Let’s fill the brief, shall we?

How do we create website designs?

Determine your needs

It is hard to achieve quality results without understanding your underlying reasons and motives. After having discussed the project in details, we will choose together with you the most relevant type of website to achieve your goals. We will create key tasks and find out the best way of their implementation.

If your website’s purpose is to cause emotions, we will then create an impressive design for that. If your website’s purpose is to sell, we will then think over all of the possible user scripts and create a design that will “force” users to click on the Buy button.

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Researching the market

We will scrutinize closely every aspect of your business and look into the needs of your customers, your offerings and your competitor’s offerings. We will carry out benchmarking – a deep analysis of the industry and the most successful companies.

There is nothing wrong with determining the advantages of the market leaders and finding out practices that should be used in the design of your website or interface. Making mistakes which others have learned from and have drawn their conclusions is a much worse option. This research will enable us to create a unique design that will be different from the others in your segment. Attracting new customers with an impressive design becomes much easier.

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Designing the structure

Depending on the purpose of your website, we will design a suitable structure that will help to manage user’s attention and actions.

First, we will think over key user scripts and write down the possible steps that users can take on the website. Based on these scripts, we will design the information architecture of the website and create wireframes so you can evaluate the performance of your website.

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Draw a totally unique design

On the basis of the structure and wireframes, we will develop a concept of the website design. Everything – colors, forms, fields, and buttons – will be measured to the last pixel and drawn in details.

According to the project requirements, we will prepare an adaptive design so your website will look exactly as the designer intended to, regardless of the type of device which will be used to visit the website.

This stage ends in the preparation of complex website layouts ready for technical implementation or, if necessary, layouts are moved on to front-end development.

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Also we offer

Interface Design, UI/UX
Logo Design and Brand Identity Development

Someone had to do it!

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