trainmedo android app design

June 2015
TRAINMEDO — is a platform for remote real-time training sessions via robotized web camera. Choose a trainer, set up a convenient time, use the camera and conquer the world riding on your Bucephalus
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  •  01 Find a personal trainer
  •  02 Fix a convenient time
  •  03 Start training
trainmedo app
trainmedo logo
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User interface elements

Design of Trainmedo mobile app is developed by using Material design guidelines (Google design). Linear set of signs is chosen from Material icons.

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trainmedo phone trainmedo phone
trainmedo logo-l Say Say



The trainer and the rider communicate via messenger. If you want to start a conversation with a fictional trainer mr. Ri, just write in the text field.

  1. Hi
  2. Look at my horse.
  3. My horse is amazing!
  4. Have a stroke of it's mane, it turns into a plane
130+ screens
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