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Your project should continue developing

Launching a project is just the beginning of its journey. The next, but not less important, phase in a website life cycle is its development. Depending on the project goals, it may require complex measures on maintaining and supporting. We understand these needs well because we have experience in successfully launching and supporting many projects — from small image websites to high-tech start-ups.

Even if your website was developed by another company, we will provide your project with a full range of service and support. You can trust us!

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What support services do we provide?

Improving and functional development

There is always room for perfection as well as for functionality and usability. It is impossible to foresee everything in advance. Even a well-designed website structure is based only on assumptions. Therefore, if your website has started to operate and get feedback from real users, then you already have something to improve and develop.

Adding new filtering capabilities in your product catalogue, simplifying the order form, increasing interactivity and user experience. Project development is a constant forward movement that involves continuous functional improvement. Just define a task for us, and we will take care of the technical side of the issue and its quality implementation.

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Manual testing and debugging

Every professional studio conducts basic and regression testing of the produced products, but even it can let few bugs pass due to the so-called “Blurred vision" effect – which may occur when people have been working on something for a very long so they may not have noticed small errors.

You can spend a few days and test everything on your own. However, as our experience shows, the point is that clients are mostly either busy or have no idea how the verification process should look like (it makes sense). The easiest way in this situation is to engage external auditors and obtain an objective evaluation of professionals.

Our advantage is that we do not limit ourselves to ascertaining the shortcomings. We can fix most of the errors made during the process of a page layout and programming so that your website runs as efficiently as possible.

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Contant-management and copywriting

Once a website is launched, it requires constant updates and quality content. Many of our clients do not have time to add and update information on the website on their own.

We can undertake the web publishing of any material such as news, articles, ads as well as adding new products and product groups to the catalogue, updating prices, offerings, and etc. You simply need to send us the necessary materials in any convenient format, and we will take care of its placement on the website on our own.

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Hosting, servers and cloud storage

Everyone should mind their own business: your main task is to work on your business development, and ours is to ensure the stable and reliable operation of your project.

For this, we provide hosting, virtual or physical servers, or allocating your project in cloud storage. We will choose an optimal allocation variant depending on your project complexity, visitors flow and workload.

Hosting is generally sufficient for new projects, while it is still unknown how many resources they need. In this case, we will continue to monitor the pace of resource development and will suggest moving to a dedicated virtual or physical server based on this analysis.

A virtual dedicated server provides a large number of resources and allows you to apply specific settings required for your project.

A dedicated physical server is available for particularly complex projects that require a lot of resources and therefore cannot coexist on the same server with others.

We provide configuration and administration for servers, perform data backups, so you have not lost your money and valuable information in case of unforeseen consequences. We guarantee the stable operation for your project.

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