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We offer technologically advanced mobile solutions

More and more people have exclusively become mobile device users, so every progressive company incorporates developing mobile versions of websites and mobile applications into their strategic development plan and strengthening communication channels with customers.

We create mobile products with a lightweight design and intuitive functionality that can significantly increase your audience.

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Our mobile apps can increase customer loyalty
Let’s fill the brief, shall we?

What exactly do you need – a mobile application or a mobile version?

Mobile application

This program is specially designed for a specific mobile platform (iOS, Android, Windows Phone). Apps can be created for company’s internal needs or for marketing, branding and sales increase.

What platform should you choose for developing mobile applications? In Ukraine and all over the world, the number of Android users is greater than the number of users preferring the iOS platform. It is often explained by the fact that devices with the Android operating system are generally cheaper than Apple products. Therefore, the paying capacity of Apple device users is widely believed to be higher. However, studies have shown that it has nothing to do with their willingness to make purchases over the Internet or to pay for services. Therefore, the choice of platform depends mostly on the audience you want to reach and what you offer. After all, nobody keeps you from ordering cross-platform applications.

Many customers are convinced that mobile products are non-essential and cannot bring substantial benefits to the company. It is a misbelief. In the West, an application market has been developing for cars, smart devices and Smart TV, so this segment does not stand still. So whoever says, “Nobody needs mobile apps,” is a shameless liar.

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Mobile version of your website

This version of your website is specifically designed for viewing on mobile devices (smartphones and tablets). Mobile version of your website contains only the essential topics and provides the user with essential features. It is a shortened version of your normal website and contains nothing superfluous.

Mobile version of your website, unlike adaptive version, can be designed for an existing website, since its development does not involve interference in the code.

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Mobile development is a way to communicate effectively with customers
Let’s fill the brief, shall we?

How we create mobile apps and mobile versions of websites

Pre-analysis and defining goals

Many clients are rather afraid that a developed mobile product will not pay off. This really happens when approach to it is unserious, by the "hit-or-miss" method. A key requirement for mobile products is utility.

First, make sure you really have something to offer to users before ordering a mobile app development or a mobile version of your website. This is particularly true for mobile app development. Second, you should clearly define what exactly you expect from a mobile product and what function it has to perform from the point of view of specific benefits for your business.

Together with you, we will decide how to smoothly combine your goals and user’s needs and to make a mobile application or a mobile version of your website beneficial for both parties.

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UI/UX design

Mobility itself requires obviousness and expressiveness. Therefore, complex multi-level interface with dozens of icons that say nothing – this is what you should avoid under any circumstances.

Together with you, we will define all the screens of mobile product and set the necessary connections between them. Not complicating, uniting similar, and removing unimportant – these are the main principles of working on structure.

The design of an app or a mobile version of your website should not distract a user’s attention. Therefore, it is better to leave the color scheme burning someone’s retina for something else. All user paths to the goal must be unobstructed.

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Competent programming

Users can hardly put up with a bad information structure or an inappropriate design, but they never do this if an app starts to fail after launching. Such an application flies directly into the trash.

Our developers use the latest technologies and take care that your application could use the resources of your smartphone or tablet economically.

We work with the most popular platforms – iOS and Android. To develop apps for Android, we use such toolkits as JavaSE (JDK), AndroidSDK, and IDE Android Studio. To develop iOS based apps, we use Objective-C.

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Testing and launching

We will compare the obtained result with the expected result. Once we make sure that everything works perfectly, we will post the app on the AppStore or Google Play, or launch the mobile version of the website.

We have experience in developing mobile solutions for Android and iOS in various fields of business: tourism, entertainment, mobile banking, retail, etc. We can do start-up projects, solutions for large corporations and small businesses. In any case, developing a mobile app or a mobile version of the website is the most promising way to expand communication channels with your customers nowadays.

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