Logo Design and Brand Identity Development

Offering innovative visual solutions

We do not just draw logo designs – we create and develop brands, starting with ideas and naming to brand book with elements of corporate identity.

We work diligently and do not promise quick results. We spend a lot of time for collecting and analyzing information, forming associative maps and preparing concepts for creating a corporate identity. However, the result is worth the effort and it will not leave indifferent either you or your clients. You will receive not just a meaningless set of graphical symbols, but a fully-fledged brand with its idea, myth and philosophy, which will be reflected not only in the logo design, but also in each element of the corporate identity. So, are you ready to cooperate with us?

«Wishround» corporate identity design



Naming and corporate identity design for «Grassfield»



Corporate identity design for «XServer»


We develop strategies for creating a holistic brand image
Let’s fill the brief, shall we?

We offer a complete package of services for corporate identity designs

Naming and Creating a Myth

The meaning of your company’s name is not the only thing that is of great importance. The way how it sounds, its rhythm and ease of pronunciation are important as well. We take into account the features of articulation in the title – the impression that sounds will make when pronounced quickly, or on the phone, etc. We check each of the proposed names for uniqueness and point out available domain names for your website.

Creating a brand myth is a very responsible process as well. The history of the brand endows the company’s activity with a meaning and makes it closer to consumers. The myth will tell important information: who you are; why you have started your business; what you want to achieve; who you work for, etc. We know that emotionally colored stories, which evoke pleasant emotions, are remembered best.

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Logo Design

The logo is the main visual element of your corporate identity design. The logo will be placed on your website, business cards, letterhead and other items requiring corporate identity. Can you imagine the number of people who will see it?

What should a logo look like? Firstly, the logo design should be perceived holistically and uniquely, rather than as a group of disparate and apparently unrelated elements. Secondly, it needs to be recognizable. No one has ever been able to achieve real success by copying others.

Thirdly, the logo should be easy to use and look good on different types of corporate identifiers, even if a verbal part will be taken out and it is left alone. When designing a logo, all possible operating environments should be taken into consideration such as its look on different surfaces, small and large areas, backgrounds that will be the most effective to use and many other nuances.

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Creating corporate identity

The value of a corporate identity must not be underestimated. If you want your company to stand out from your competitors and be well-remembered by your clients, corporate identity is an essential requirement.

Developing a corporate identity involves letterheads, business cards, envelops, icon sets, patterns, and, in fact, anything you need to identify your company.

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Building a Brand Book

When creating a corporate identity, a designer provides for the conditions under which it will be most impressive. In addition to the logo and corporate identity, we develop a user guide on how to use the basic elements of corporate graphic design, fonts and colors.

In the corporate identity guide book, we carefully write and illustrate the manipulations of corporate identity components, which of them should be avoided and which ones could be used.

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Conducting a redesign can usually help refresh customers’ memory about the image of the company and emphasize its uniqueness, namely to differentiate itself from competitors. Due to the redesign, growing the loyalty of your regular customers and attracting new ones become possible.

We can realize everything: from minimal changes in imitation of the existing style and its awareness to a complete rethinking of the brand concept and its visual displaying!

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Corporate identity design for the venture fund «BeValue»



Logo design for «С.А.В.Е.»



Logo design for «Українські джерела»


We can do everything — from naming to corporate identity
Let’s fill the brief, shall we?

5 Steps to Creating a Logo Design and Corporate Identity

Filling in the Brief

We conduct an interview at this stage. You can tell us about your business vision, define its mission, goals, audience (demographics, gender, status, etc.), prospects for further development as well as express your wishes. It enables us to understand the direction we should take in order to create a logo design.

Consumer Analysis and benchmarking

When we go out into the world, we estimate logos and corporate identities of your competitors and determine the brand identity that works, the brand identity that doesn’t work and why. A deep analysis of the market (both Ukrainian and foreign) and benchmarking allow us to create truly unique things in terms of form and content.

Concepts Generation and a Logo Design

We generate our ideas based on the filled brief and market research. You will be able to measure our work when it is still at the stage of sketches. Thus, the results will become more predictable for you, and there will be no need for us to redo everything afterwards.

To come up with a cool idea, we use everything that is not forbidden by law – mental maps, lateral thinking, and alcoholic beverages. After developing several conceptually different logos, we will show them to you so you could choose one to your liking.

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Developing Corporate Identity

Once you approve the logo design, we start to create a corporate identity for your company. We define the following: a single idea, a message, color palette, fonts, patterns, decorative elements, and other visual elements.

Finishing touches

Finally, we turn to developing the chosen logo design concept and corporate identity and prepare a presentation. Concepts presentation in the form of realistic images will allow you to evaluate the look of the brand identity in reality on different corporate identifiers.

Clients usually need only one iteration to choose the logo. But if you have some doubts, we can set to the second iteration of the logo design and start everything from scratch.

As soon as you approve the logo design and corporate identity, we will deliver with a clear conscience all that stuff to you in vector or other formats.

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Also we offer

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