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We create effective interfaces

Websites or mobile apps, industrial machines or payment terminals -- all of them require interfaces to interact with users. No matter what system the interface is designed for, it should, above all, perform tasks laid upon it.

When we design websites and interfaces, we always strive to maintain the balance between beauty and convenience. That is why we apply the basic principles of user-centered design (UCD), combined with modern styles of designing elements. Creating the interface that is desirable to use is what we are going to do for you! What do you say?

The interface design of billing system 'XSERVER'



The interface design of "NKVD" billing system


We create well-though-out and intuitively understandable interfaces
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How do we create interface design?

Defining Your Goals

To create the interface that performs its tasks, these tasks should be clearly defined and formulated first. What is the true purpose of the interface? What the user problems does it need to solve and how?

Not answering to these seemingly simple questions can turn the work on the project into a pure waste of time. The final result of our cooperation directly depends on how well we understand each other at this stage.

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Writing User Stories (User Scripts)

Any interface is designed for interaction with a user. Therefore, we define user's requirements and scripts taking into account the context of a system to design a proper, efficient interface. But there will be little use of the design, regardless of its stylish and modern look, if the user cannot properly interact with the system.

Clearly and understandably formulated demands and scripts help replace tons of unnecessary documents that neither client nor designers like to deal with. What the outcome should a user achieve? What exactly should the system do in response to the user action? This principle allows the client immediately to see how the interface performs its business tasks and effectively monitor the results of the work.

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Building user interfaces

To test user scripts in practice, without wasting time for a detailed design, we create wireframes and prototypes. Due to the fast realization, they allow to easily identify interface shortcomings and to promptly make important changes in the navigation scheme and the initial interface structure./p>

Users can immediately see what the future interface will be, evaluate its convenience and try to realize the planned scripts.

As a result, you will receive a well thought-out prototype in which the smallest details are taken into account. You need not worry that designers will accidentally or deliberately forget about important elements and functions in chase of visual solutions.

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Creating the Professional Design

Having a finished prototype in the form of wireframes, our designer can fully concentrate on the creative concept of the interface. The designer will choose a visual style and color scheme, draw forms, fields and buttons considering current trends and customer wishes.

All interface elements that respond to user actions will be drawn to the smallest details and will be intuitively understandable.

If the interface includes working on different types of devices, then layouts based on the size and format of the screen will be prepared for each of them. The result of this work will be a set of design layouts that are perfectly structured and ready for further technical implementation.

But there is more than that. We also offer support for the designed interface. Our services may be needed, if you want to modify, extend or narrow down the specific opportunities, and etc. This happens quite frequently nowadays; therefore the support helps to protect the integrity and convenience of the interface.

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