How We Studied Magento. Day 3

Люба х...ня

Magento fun keeps going.

Magento theme

"The third day was passing by... We were doing our best. Today we finally managed to create a new theme. How to create templates remains to be understood. "

"I've learned how to create and install themes. So far, I have no clear impressions since I haven't tackled the code yet. 
By the way, Magento is quite weird – if you do something for the first time, you fail, but then even if you do the same, it works :)
Conclusion: as before, everything seems to be quite complicated, probably because I haven't puzzled it out yet. Anyway, it's better that Shopify. "

"So, we are reinstalling  Magento! After yesterday's tweaks, nothing else left to do. 
It takes ages to load a page, and the question how to install a theme remains unanswered. Yet, I don't feel like looking for the answer. So I just open the documentation on how to creat a new theme. The standard (default) themes are good for nothing; they are saved in the middle of nowhere and the day might be over until you get to them. Step by step and yippee! I've got my own theme that actually works once you've installed it. It all took two hours.
Conclusion: it took two days to install at least some theme finally."

"Once I've realized that creating a theme for Magento 2 is not a piece of cake, I've begun to create my own one. There's enough info on this. To start with, you have to enable developer mode and then in app/design create the theme. 
Here's the structure:
PHP registration file (registration.php) must be inside; there you'll have to write the load of your template. Also, there must be XML file (theme.xml) with basic info such as theme name, where it comes from and the path to a logo. The logo must be located in the media directory. After that, in the CMS the default theme is replaced with yours. Ta da! The template is connected!"

"Installing a theme on Magento. I've decided not to deal with default themes but to use an external one in order to check out on its structure and also to gain some experience in its installation; anything can happen :)))
It turned out that one has to pay to get a theme. Since it's just the beginning of skills training, paying for the theme is inappropriate. 15 minutes of search and I've found a free theme on the official site. I couldn't download it at once because it was on the market. So I had to pay a free theme without paying any money. I bought it))) It appeared in my personal account on Magento. After this, I could download it. Next, I found some information and where to place it, it took another 10 minutes. I found the info, copied it, and the theme showed up. I activated it, and here you're – my project has a new look."

The illustration of the article taken from Enter The Dragon. 

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