E-Commerce and Online Stores Development

Selling is the only goal of an online store

Our main advantage in online store development is a bet on individuality in all things. Every business has its own characteristics, which are shown in details and affect an enterprise performance as a whole. The way you make an inventory, take and process an order, offer your customers discounts and promotions – all that matters.

That is why we offer fully individual development -- from design to single-module programming. We guarantee that your online store will work just as it is convenient for you and your customers, but not for someone else. Thus, we will take your sales to a new level.

Development of an online store «El-market»



Development of an online store «Gurtex»



Online store «MEKKO» development


We design convenient online stores
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3 reasons to choose us for online store development

Well thought-out architecture and high-quality prototyping

Creating online stores is significantly different from designing other types of websites. Unlike corporate and branding projects where the main emphasis is generally put on the design, the key role in online stores plays the ease of use.

How quickly can users find the necessary goods? How many fields do they need to fill out to make an order? We develop the online store structure that meets the user needs and achieves maximum convenience.

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Professional web design

Online stores we create are never duplicated, because different companies also have different needs. Online stores created for different businesses cannot be the same.

We draw every page in details taking into account modern design trends, features of your market and user behavior. Adaptation of the ready-made templates will never replace a unique design. We know what we are talking about. If you invest money in your Internet business development, do you really want your competitors to have the same website as you have but in a different color?

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Powerful CMF OYi.Engine

We have developed many online stores and have experience in working with many content management systems: free and paid, popular and known only in certain circles. Each of them had a lot of advantages, but disadvantages were even more.

Therefore, we have created our own administrative part — CMF OYi.Engine that have combined all the advantages and have taken into account all the disadvantages of existing systems. It is not just a content management system. It is a software platform that can be completely changed for a specific project. CMF OYi.Engine is able to withstand heavy loads, so the risk that your online store can fall is very low.

We are constantly developing CMF OYi.Engine, taking into account the needs and wishes of our clients. This allows us to assert with confidence that we are able to organize your online store just as it is convenient for you and your business.

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Redesign and development for an online store «MICROCEMENT»



Online store «К'Лен» development



Developing an online store «ShinaHouse»


Moderate prices and flexible approach to pricing
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How we create successful online stores

Conducting benchmarking and your market analysis

We believe that each client and industry has their own peculiarities you should be aware of. We analyze your market and most successful of its representatives, draw conclusions and make recommendations for creating an effective online store.

Projecting the structure and unique design

We design the structure for maximum user convenience and draw a unique design of all pages and elements for online store. You will receive a website where every element will be thought out to the smallest detail. Churning out the same type of stuff is not the thing we are interested in.

Creating individual modules and functionality

The efficiency of an online store is achieved with proper functional organization, and its interactions with your business processes. We develop customized modules to suit your needs, adjust synchronization and data exchange. You will get what you really need.

Using our own software platform OYi.Engine

We want you to be able to manage your online store conveniently and effectively. That is why we use our own software platform OYi.Engine. It combines the unique features of e-commerce technology and our long-term experience in creating really effective, successful online stores.

Advising and developing the project

After the successful launch of your online store, we provide full support and advice about enhancing functionality. We strive to become your reliable partner and assistant on the way to success for your online sales.

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