OYi.CRM «My Clients»

July 2013

OYi.CRM «My Clients» is the third generation of a system of customer relationship management developed by Otakoi.com for their own use and small and medium-sized businesses. The system has received a completely new design and greatly expanded the range of its functions and capabilities.

OYi.CRM It is all for customer relationship management

Contacts and Counterparties

To work with the database of contacts and counterparties has never been so convenient.

  • Adding and editing contractors with their contact information and requisites;
  • Adding and editing contact persons with connecting to counterparty;
  • Realization of the ‘live’ database search for counterparties.

Managers’ Tasks

Plan the managers’ working time and control the execution of tasks.

  • Creating and editing tasks with a choice of counterparty, an assignment of the run-time, type and priority;
  • Control of the execution tasks;
  • The history of the task’s evolution;
  • Filtering tasks by counterparty, by the date, by implementation status.

Working with Goods

Take into account your products and monitor their availability.

  • Maintaining a database of goods;
  • Adding a product’s card (name, price, code number, characteristics);
  • The history of the product’s price;

Applications for Sale

Keep your finger on the pulse of company’s sales.

  • Maintaining a database applications for the sale of goods / services and sorting by payment status;
  • Cash and non-cash record keeping payments;
  • Management of cash flow;
  • Forming the base of reclamations;

Working with Documents

Minimize the "human factor" and store the documents in a single repository.

  • Creating documents according to created applications for sale;
  • Maintaining a database of documents;
  • Printout documents directly from the program.

Work Analysis

It is always important to have the latest information by the results of company’s work.

  • Analysis of debt of clients;
  • Analytics of sales by companies;
  • Analytics of sales by company’s managers;
  • Analytics of customer’s orders and payments.
My Clients helps managers to interact well with customers, and as a result, it brings more profits for the company.

The price of Issue

OYi.CRM «My Clients»
system of customer relationship management of full integration*
* The system works by a SaaS model (Software as a Service), which provides the payment for used time and free updating of versions.
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