6 Practical Tips for Designers to Avoid Conflicts with Clients

Sooner or later, any freelancer or design company, regardless of their specialization (the web, graphics, architecture, 3D-modeling), price level and professionalism, may deal with conflict clients. Creative work, in general, is a very problematic sector that depends on a subjective opinion. Therefore, it is especially important to protect your backs and avoid problem areas in the relationship with clients.

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In September 2014 I was lucky to visit IT Weekend and to listen to Slava Pankratov's talk from the Stratoplan school of management. He was standing out from all the others for his charisma and the ability to capture the audience's attention. Since then I regularly saw the ad on Facebook but consistently ignored it. However, some time ago I was on sick leave and once again was scrolling down my news feed and finally decided to leave my email to download Manager's Black Book.

Many articles describe what a client expects and wants to get from a project but developers also have some expectations and there are some things they need in order to carry out a project. Most clients suppose that the only thing the developers need is prepayment. Of course, money matters but it is not the only thing that makes for efficiency.

So, let's suppose you have chosen developers for your project and you are about to start the work, the question is how to organize the work so that it will be convenient for both of you. This is my advice on how to get ready for cooperation on the website development.

According to marketing experts, it is always necessary to develop friendly relations with clients. The best client is a regular client. But what is the cost of client loyalty and what needs to be done if the client asks you for a free service?

Have you ever been in a situation when you asked a company about the price, and it was higher than you expected? I guess the answer is obvious – yes, it has happened to you and probably more than once. What did you do then? I suppose you started looking for another cheaper contractor. In fact, this was in vain... and this is what we are going to discuss.

Most our relationships with other people are built on some agreements, promises and duties. If we talk about everyday life and personal agreements, everything is pretty simple – you've reached an accord, and it's a done deal, but if you move to the legal framework, you can't do without contractual arrangements. Signing a contract is a quite specific and challenging moment in any cooperation because everyone tries to protect their own interests and to get more benefits. For many years I have been differentiating between those who read agreements, contracts, proposals or any other documents and those who don't read them at all and just take them on trust. In terms of our business, I can't say exactly which type is better for us.

All stories, characters, and numbers portrayed in the article are fictitious. Any resemblance to actual people and situations is purely coincidental... ironically :) The author leaves all conclusions and words of advice to the discretion of the reader.

The topics I have chosen for my articles before usually focused on other executives rather than my role in the work in the company. Maybe it's because the manager's role is not that prominent but it does exist for some reason. If we take a look at the process of work, it can be pictured as a situation where a client and a contractor are sitting on the chairs, and a manager is sitting between them. And here it goes, my role and function are to sit between two parties.

Every year, the number of successful projects is growing as well as the number of those who want to launch their own startups. In most cases, the ideas are taken from the existing realized projects. This fact explains why phrases such as "make us another Amazon" or "we'd like a site like eBay" so often occur in the queries. Actually, it's difficult to call them startups. For some reason, it seems that not everyone gets to the point of the project, but everyone thinks that the availability of such resource will bring them financial wellness for the coming decades.

Have you ever heard of a cargo cult? Even if you haven't, you have dealt with its displays in everyday or professional life.

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