How We Studied Magento. Day 2

Meanwhile, we continue having fun with Magento. Sometimes developers' comments appear to be a cry from the depths. Never mind, that's the way it goes.

How We Studied Magento. Day 1

One day we decided to figure out how Magento works. We were curious to get an insight into 'the first e-commerce open source platform.'

50 shades of the logo. Part 2

How to come up with a cool logo: continuing to talk about the techniques that can be used.

How to Recursively Delete Archives on Linux

We've got a problem – the storage on one of the servers was full and this caused the overflow on another server. Since at first, a local archive is created and then it is moved to one of the backup servers.

50 shades of the logo. Part 1

There's no unique approach to logo design. However, there is a broad range of techniques and styles that a designer can use to give birth to an awesome logo.

In the article, I'm going to show you logos of different styles, forms, depth, colors, techniques, elements, etc.

Backup  from VPS to Remote Server

The article will be useful for website owners who have their hosting on cloud servers like DigitalOcean, or those who configure servers to their own needs without using a panel like ispmanager, cpanel, Vesta, etc. 

It's been a long time since I decided to write the script, but I had no time for this. However, the number of websites on their own VPS is increasing so browsing the directories and making backups has become dull (the base is backed up automatically on a daily basis bt the automysqlbackup script, but the files were archived and moved manually). 

Automatic translation in OYi.Engine does not work

We wrote this article for our clients who address to us with the same problem: “I can’t save the pages. I fill in the page name and click Translate. Then I click Save and get Validation Error."

You’ll find the explanation in the article.

6 Practical Tips for Designers to Avoid Conflicts with Clients

Sooner or later, any freelancer or design company, regardless of their specialization (the web, graphics, architecture, 3D-modeling), price level and professionalism, may deal with conflict clients. Creative work, in general, is a very problematic sector that depends on a subjective opinion. Therefore, it is especially important to protect your backs and avoid problem areas in the relationship with clients.

AllowOverride All httpd Options All -Indexes

Once you need disable directory and file browsing on a website, it is enough either to place the following string  Options All -Indexes in a root folder in a .htaccess file; or to create a .htaccess file if there is none. It looks pretty easy, but what if this option is not active in the ISPmanager on the server? And now you have some fifty accounts? Do you have to create .htaccess files for each domain and configure them?

Someone had to do it!

Site of logistics company «REAL TRUCKING»


Packaging and label design for Metro Cash and Carry Ukraine

When you are picking out anything on shelves in a store, you always pay attention to the packaging design. And if you are a customer of "METRO", you must have seen our works


Design for Trainmedo Android app

Do you have a dream to become the world champion horse rider, but you can't find a trainer? Not a problem. The practical Android app Trainmedo can help you solve this


Website Design and Development for EVERLEGAL

The website for EVERLEGAL, it's a balance between functionality and aesthetics. Get ready to admire!

Let’s fill the brief, shall we?