Eight Rules of Excellent UX Design

What does UX mean to you? To me, this is what a user feels when utilizing a product. These feelings include emotions evoked by what was seen, personal beliefs, preferences and the two key factors – a user's behavior and achieving an aim. 

There is an indefinite number of rules that a designer has to stick to when creating a website or an app. These rules I'm going to share with you.

How to Create a Perfect Notification

Very often we can see notifications on the internet and mobile devices. Initially, they were supposed to make for good user experience and usability on the whole. But as a matter of fact, if notifications are poorly designed, they soon become annoying.

How to Install Varnish and Apache2 on Ubuntu 16

Varnish is a flexible tool for speeding up a server. I’m not going to write a lot about it, you’ll find enough information about Varnish on the Internet.

In the article, I’ll describe its installation, problems that may occur, and solutions to them.

Gulp: Episode 3 - Return of the Jedi

That's a final article in the series dedicated to Gulp. In the article, we'll deal with the processing speed as well as some other specific features of Gulp.

Let's get back to the processing speed that I mentioned at the very beginning and compare how fast a task will be performed in three cases – using SASS on Ruby, we have had the article on it, Grunt, and Gulp. The task is to compile a stream of .scss files.

Gulp: Episode 2 - A New Hope

In the previous article, we've learned some theory, so now we can start practicing – we'll write our first task. 

Gulp: Episode 1 - The Phantom Menace

Today, I'll tell you about the task manager called Gulp and also I'll show you how to set it up for some basic front-end developer's tasks.

How to Install Apache2 php mysql phpmyadmin on Ubuntu

Although my previous article about Ubuntu server installation and configuration has become outdated, it's still very popular. So I've decided to share with you my experience of software installation on Ubuntu 16.04.

Some steps were taken from the previous article. 

Windows Installation on Laptop with SSD Is Too Long

Once ​I decided to upgrade a working laptop (HP ProBook 4540s Intel i5 / 6gb / 750 Gb / Radeon 2gb). I bought a RAM card Kingston 8Gb and Intel SSD (120GB).

Someone had to do it!

Site of logistics company «REAL TRUCKING»


Packaging and label design for Metro Cash and Carry Ukraine

When you are picking out anything on shelves in a store, you always pay attention to the packaging design. And if you are a customer of "METRO", you must have seen our works


Design for Trainmedo Android app

Do you have a dream to become the world champion horse rider, but you can't find a trainer? Not a problem. The practical Android app Trainmedo can help you solve this


Website Design and Development for EVERLEGAL

The website for EVERLEGAL, it's a balance between functionality and aesthetics. Get ready to admire!

Let’s fill the brief, shall we?