• ico market

    Advertising platform with a novel approach for token sales (ICO/STO) that can instantly reach a mass of investors around the world.

  • Customer

    ICO Market − Advertising platform with a novel approach for token sales (ICO/STO) that can instantly reach a mass of investors around the world.

    Token sales are currently facing a lot of challenges when trying to raise capital on different channels. ICO Market offers a real-time bidding system with plugins and Content Management system that allows any website with relevant content and traffic present the ICO/STO information in a clear way.

  • Product Description

    The client requested OTAKOYI to develop the platform specifically for the 4 main types of users − investors, advertisers, publishers, and support.

    Key features
    • Investors − are able to quickly choose an ICO project they would want to potentially invest in by simply pressing a CTA button that directly transfers them to the website.
    • Advertisers − are responsible for ICO applications. Such requests are processed by the support team and can be either approved or rejected. Once a confirmation message is received, a user goes directly to a personal profile where an ICO project can be added. For a successful combination, advertisers can add Campaigns/Ad Groups and check statistics as well as do reports.
    • Publishers − similar to Advertisers. After a successful registration, a publisher can go to a personal profile where a WordPress plugin can be downloaded and added to a website. After everything is synchronised with a website, one should simply add those plugins to the required pages. Publishers can also check stats, do reports and transfer money to the BTC/ETH wallet.
    • Support − in charge of the customer data management side.
  • Value Delivered

    OTAKOYI’s role was crucial in helping our client to implement the marketplace for their highly competitive product. By having thoroughly analysed the target market, only best practices for a product development were applied in our work. OTAKOYI developed a full stack design system for ICO market − complete functionality and impressively unique design representation.

    We have taken into account our client’s experience and business model, since the main business requirements of the project were easily accessible information, simplicity in design and laconic interface.

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