Yes, No, Maybe

Serhiy Lavrynenko
Serhiy Lavrynenko
136 May, 17, 2019 4 min read
136 May, 17, 2019 4 min read

No - this word contains only two letters. However, they can be both beneficial for those who know how to use them, and harmful for those who don't.

Many people take no as a demonstration of a negative attitude and a potential insult to the interlocutor's feelings. Ask yourself whether you've ever been in a situation when you avoided any direct refusal of the question.
- Will you do that for me today?
- Yes, I'll try, but not sure if I have time.

If you're not sure whether you can do something for someone else but you give them an affirmative answer (yes), you just play tricks on them and don't care about their feelings.

In the case of an indirect answer, like Maybe, If I can.., you're also using deception, but now you're reassuring your inner voice that at least you have tried. The worse thing is when you deceive yourself realizing how much work you have but still saying yes just because you don't want to insult someone by refusing to help. Such situations occur everywhere — in everyday communication as well as in business negotiations.

Don't be afraid to say no when it's necessary. A client asks you to add some extra functions for free. Say no and adequately explain that your time costs money, and you can't work on a voluntary basis. If he or she insists and provokes a conflict, this person is likely to be an asshole who should go another way and it's high time to say goodbye.

If you've got a request or an order which you don't want to deal with, and you're looking for a reason to get out of it, no answer will save your nerves and the ones of your friends or your boss.  Although it doesn't change a fact that you're an asshole this time.

People tend to make a simple thing complicated and search for a hidden meaning where it doesn't exist. Yes and no are simple words with simple meanings, and you have to take them as such. Realizing this fact, you will make your life and lives of people around you much easier.