50 Shades of the Logo. Part 1

Yulia Yakymova
Yulia Yakymova
1253 July, 10, 2019 10 min read
1253 July, 10, 2019 10 min read

There's no unique approach to logo design. However, there is a broad range of techniques and styles that a designer can use to give birth to an awesome logo.
In this article, we are going to show you logos of different styles, forms, depth, colors, techniques, elements, etc.

Usually, one logo belongs to several categories at the same time. For instance, a logo can have a unique font and letters of different colors; it can be 3D graphics with gradient, a character or an animal looking like child art.

It is said that creativity is an ability to combine well-known conventional things in an unusual way. We find this statement, at least concerning logo design, quite fair.
A good logo designer applies several tools and tries to combine different forms and techniques. The image should embody the company's spirit and style, call up associations related to the business.

If a client wants to apply a different, completely new concept, look through these 50 categories - they'll definitely revive your spirit, and you'll come up with fresh ideas to create an ideal logo.

Grasping all 50 ideas at once may be tough (or inefficient), so in this part, we'll present you the first 25 techniques, and the rest 25 you'll find in the second part. By the way, it's already here.

1. Separate icon

2. Unique font

3. The first letter

4. Initials

5. Adding graphics to fonts

6. Emblem

7. Stamp

8. Text in a shape

9. Lettering

10. 3D graphics

11. Symmetry

12. Transparency

13. Gradients

14. Outline

15. Illustration

16. Primitive shapes

17. Space through negative

18. Cartoon character

19. Character, mascot

20. Realism

21. Label

22. Pattern

23. Hidden object

24. Double meaning

25. Symbol

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